what sets us apart from our competitors

See how AESI outperforms the competition and provides you with the highest yielded & most efficient CO2 extraction method on the market.

Long Life - Worry Free Pump

Continuous Years in Operation
Years in Between Maintenance

AESI uses the highest performing pump on the market. German made, diaphragm style pump that is worry-free, so you can be sure to have no downtime. The pump can operate for more than 40 years in your production process when the standard 2-year maintenance cycle is performed.


Highest Flow-rate in the Industry

Along with our pump being of the best quality, it also offers the best performance for CO2 Extraction. We offer the highest rate of flow, which allows for more extract to be pushed through. The mass flow-rate (kg/min) is the key variable, which is more important than the vessel volume or volumetric flow-rate and is the key measure to compare systems side-by-side.

We put flow-meters on all our systems, so you know exactly how the system is performing!

High Pressure = High Density

Our CO2 Extraction System operates at very high pressures, up to 5000 psi. This allows the density of the CO2 to be much higher, decreasing production runs, and increasing yield

Other systems that operate at lower pressures cannot fit as much CO2 in the chambers and will ultimately increase time, and lower yield.

Robust & Heavy Duty - Made to Last and Perform

Our frame and panels are all oversized heavy duty stainless steel. Providing many years of dependable service.

Service - It's Not Just a Sale

From the moment you decide on a system, you get assigned your own professional project manager. You keep this same point of contact the entire process, so you always speak and deal with the same person. Even long after the initial sale, you can always reach out to the same individual that is familiar with your project.

Quality NOT Quantity

At AESI we use only the highest quality components, providing reliability, safety, and superior performance.

Downtime can cost millions,  we ensure you won’t have to experience this and can focus your time on maximizing production.

Each and every one of our systems meet pressure code requirements for North America

Industrial Scale - Laboratory Quality

No matter what size you need, our systems are modular and expandable ranging from 15L to 75L (and beyond)

Modular design allows for maximum flexibility, scaling throughput, and additional emerging technology.

See how AESI outperforms the competition and provides you with the highest yielded & most efficient CO2 extraction method on the market.

Modular & Expandable
Limited or No Expandability
High Performance Commercial Extraction
Pilot or Pre-Commercial Scale
High Flow-rate for enhanced extraction efficiency leading to shorter extraction times of 4-6 hours per vessel. Electrical Motor driven pump can be expanded to even higher flow-rates, for multi vessel systems. Flow-rate adjustable, Maintenance free for many years.
Air driven pumps to frequently require maintenance (about every 80hrs of operation), can freeze up, are loud, and have limited flowrate and pressure control. Electrical pumps are installed on high end systems only.
5000 psi
2000-5000 psi
Large volume 15 L
Limited or No Expandability
All rated up to 5000 psi, allows for sequential extraction and free selection of separator pressure and temperature for superior fractionation of active compounds and terpenes.
Typically rated for much lower pressures than extraction vessel, for example 600 psi maximum resulting in poor fractionation performance.
Pressure in each separator individually controllable by non-clogging pressure control valves. Pressure can be controlled by PLC.
Manual Needle Valve, Back Pressure Regulator or “Valve-less expansion technology” with fixed restrictor or orifice. Limited control over pressure in case flow-rates change. Clogging Issues and no precise control of separator pressure leading to poor separation efficiency.
Temperature can be controlled in each separator individually. Thus control of separation conditions facilitates superior fractionation of components.
Separator temperature adjustable.
Potentially continuously, may be automated depending on product target.
PLC with touch screen to monitor and control : Pump Flow-rate; Extractor Pressure and Temperature; Separators Pressures and Temperatures; Automated Extraction Timer; Pressure and Temperature transducers monitor pressure and temperature in each vessel; Load Cells optional. Flow-meter optional.
PLC with touch screen to monitor pressure and temperature in extraction vessel. Flow-rate and/or Pressure in Extractor; Programmable timer, Weighing scale.