Optimization of cannabis extraction yield by controlled milling

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The Fritsch PULVERISETTE 19 is utilized to finely mill cannabis plant material in preparation for SFE processes. The efficient and precise reduction in particle size optimizes oil output and formulation.

Although the rapid-growing field of cannabis oil extraction still has many efficiency issues, they can easily be overcome. The typical area of issue is the inability to pack sufficient plant material inside the extraction vessels. Average low density packing can lead to a major decrease in extraction yield, and result in a varying output. Non-milled plant material typically has an extraction density of 100-125 g/L, in comparison to milled material, which can pack up to 250 g/L.

This is where the Fritsch P19 comes into play. It has quickly and efficiently mill large volumes of cannabis plant material to a specific particle size. The material is easily fed into the P19 through a large funnel for fast throughput.

Plant material is fed into the PULVERISETTE 19 through large funnel for fast throughput. The negative pressure in the milling system ensures a continuous flow through the cutting rotor and the selected sieve cassette for precise particle sizing, and prevents any system clogging. The high throughput of up to 60 L/h is supported by large collection vessels of up to 10 liters. Fast processing is further supported by unrestricted accessibility of the cutting chamber, quickly removable cutting rotor and sieve cassette, and generally easy-to-clean grinding chamber.

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