The XLab is a state of the art, modular and self contained super-critical fluid extraction lab.

The lab is completely portable and takes up a limited footprint, so it can be shipped to your site and installed in less than a day

Limited Footprint Required

With a small footprint of 10′ x 40′, space is no longer an issue. Everything is self contained, giving the ability to be completely mobile, and allowing for a quick setup and tear-down if required.

Health Canada Approved

The Xlab has been recently approved for the use in the extraction of cannabis oil on Prince Edward Island.

HVAC, Fire Supressions, Electric & CO2 Monitors

The XLab meets all national building and electrical codes. HVAC, fire suppression are tidy and electrical is routed within the insulated walls. Temperature can be accurately controlled for a safe and comfortable environment.


XLab Brochure


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