Customer Services

Site assessment will be conducted to make sure your facility has the available space and utility requirements that our systems require resulting in a hassle free installation.

• Installation & Commissioning services are available and performed by AESI service engineers.

• Training service are available in house or on – site by AESI’s service engineers.

• Service and maintenance packages are also available.


We help you get SFE extracted products into the market.

Engineering and Technical Assistance:

  • • Complete Process Design Engineering Team
  • • Total Project Management
  • • National Board Certificate of Authorization for Pressure Vessels
  • • ASME “U” Stamp
  • • ASME B31.3 process piping
  • • CSA B51 / ASME Section VIII, Division 1 for the design & manufacture of pressure vessels

Our current Quality Accreditations and capabilities include:

  • • All instrumentation calibrated to NIST
  • • ASME “U” stamp
  • • ASME B31.3 piping
  • • ASME BPE-2002
  • • ASME Section IX welder qualification
  • • Category “H” fitting registration
  • • CRN registered vessel designs
  • • CSA B51 vessels to ASME Code Section VIII, Div.1
  • • Gas analysis instrumentation
  • • ISO 9001:2008
  • • Mechanical contractor’s license
  • • National Board Certificate of Authorization for Pressure Vessels
  • • Non-destructive examination
  • • Profilometer instrumentation


Modular design of extraction systems allows for base system to be expanded with additional extraction and separation vessels to increase capacity, and to add additional advanced features for fully automated commercial extraction systems.


AESI offers clients Sub- & Supercritical CO2 Extractions.

Base system - 2x25L extraction vessels with quick closure system:

  • • Extraction vessels can be operated in parallel or in series.
  • • Flow direction in each extraction vessel is reversible during extraction process.
  • • Additional extraction vessel is optional.
  • • Manual quick closure system can be upgraded for fully automated closure system.
  • • Heating jacket on vessels operated with hot water electrical or natural gas boiler; alternatively electrical heaters on vessels are optional.
  • • Extraction basket for quick and efficient filling of extractor optional.

Base system - 2x 10L separator vessels with quick closure systems:

  • • Additional separation vessel optional.
  • • Manual quick closure system can be upgraded to fully automated closure system.
  • • Separators can be used in series with individually adjustable pressures for fractionation of components.
  • • As an option the separators can be used independently in parallel with optional valve module for continuous collection of extracts, blending or fractionation.
  • • Separator vessels can be installed on optional load cells to monitor extract collection over time.

Base system - CO2 pump delivering high flowrate of up to 5 kg CO2/min:

  • • Pump is driven by electrical motor.
  • • Pump capacity is expandable up to 15 kg/min.
  • • High flowrate ensures fast mass transfer minimizing extraction times.
  • • Reliable proven pump technology for minimal maintenance.
  • • Co-solvent pump is optional.

Base system - CO2 recovery system and heat integration :

  • • CO2 is recovered from extraction and separation vessels and recirculated.
  • • Heat integration by means of a heat exchanger module allows recovery of energy to minimize energy consumption.
  • • CO2 reservoir can be mounted on load cells to monitor CO2.

Base System - touchscreen interface to control and monitor:

  • • Pressure, temperature, flowrates in extraction vessels.
  • • Pressure, temperature in separation vessels.
  • • Valves are switched manually in the base system.

Optional advanced control features:

• Advanced extraction control system to monitor extraction performance in real time.

• Automatic valve operation to control serial or parallel or timed extraction sequence of vessels.

• Plotting of extraction curve over time.

• Mass flowmeter is optional.

• Data acquisition and storage (pressure, temperature, flowrates, yield).

• Access to control system via internet (i-phone or tablet).

• Extraction system can be programmed to automatically extract plant material until a defined yield is achieved, thus optimizing extraction times and productivity.

• System can be programmed to sequentially extract with increasing extraction pressure and/or temperature to fine tune extract composition. This allows for extraction of highly volatile components first such as terpenes, followed by heavier components or actives.

• Extraction system can be programmed to collect extracts in different separation vessels during extraction sequence. This allows blending, separation or fractionation of extracted components to fine tune final extract composition.

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